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Floyd EcoVillage Farm Shares
Community Supported Agriculture

Participating in a farm share or CSA is a type of “cooperative,” where an individual financially commits to a full season of produce months in advance of the start of the growing season.  As a farm share member, from May to October, you will enjoy the freshest, most nutritious produce available each week – harvested daily for you and your family by the farm staff.   The amount of produce may vary from week to week as the rewards and risks are inherent in agriculture and are shared by the farm community.  This means that in times of pleasant seasonal weather or severe weather, members may receive an abundance of some vegetables and at times less of another.

By participating in the Floyd Eco Village Farm Share you will benefit in a partnership with farmers and community members sharing in the appreciation of vegetables grown without the use of chemical pesticides and herbicide and the positive stewardship it provides for the farm and our environment.

The Farm Share

How long is the season?  The farm share season is a 26 week period from mid-May to late October.  You will receive a vegetable share once a week, or if you choose our bi-weekly share once every other week, and have two weeks built in as vacation days to you use at your choosing.

What will I receive in my share?  Each share will contain 5 or more different items.  Each share will contain a different variety of seasonal vegetables, but it will also have a structure that is consistent and will always contain (weather permitting) along with those seasonal vegetables:

  • A salad green (salad mix, head lettuce or mixed baby greens)
  • A cooking green (Kale, chard, collards, spinach or bok choi)
  • An allium (scallions, garlic, onions or leeks)
  • Usually a root (radish, beets, carrots, turnips or potatoes)

Where can I pick up my farm share? Pickups available at the Floyd Ecovillage Farmstore, Roanoke-Grandin Village Farmers Market, the WellNest in Downtown Roanoke, and Blacksburg!

What if I go on vacation? Have a friend or neighbor pick up in your absence

Let us know 48 hours before your pick-up day that you will be gone so we won’t harvest your share.  You will be able to make up your share in the last two weeks of the 24-week farm share season.

After the pick-up time expires if the vegetables have not been picked up they will be donated to Plenty’s food pantry. Your optional vacation day will be forfeited.

What is the cost of a Floyd Eco Village Farm Share?

We are offering an Early Bird special (ending March 31st!) on our 2022 CSA farmshare!!
Fully customizable certified organic produce
23 weeks (mid May-Nov)
Share size: Small Share (suitable for 1-2 people);~6-8 items;
$25/ week
Large Share ( suitable 3-5 people); ~8-12 items;
$35/ week
These prices will increase after the Early Bird special!

What if I can’t afford a share, but I want to participate in the CSA? We believe everyone should have access to fresh vegetables.  We will be happy to talk to you about payment options.

Can I share a share?  Yes, this is a great option if you are concerned you won’t be able to eat the abundance of vegetables in a share.  It’s also a great way to reduce the cost of a share.

How do I purchase a share? Please visit

Email your form to:
Mail your check to:  FEV Farm, 188 Eco Village Trail, Floyd VA 24091
Click the PAYPAL button to pay with debt or credit card


If you need more information, please contact:
Christine and Corey -

What our subscribers have to say:

"These veggies are awesome!"

"Your farm share has been the best thing about this summer and now fall!  Your produce is so fresh, lovely, and flavorful!"

"Holy Moly this melon is delicious!!! standing ovation to you!"

"Thanks for the generous share of wonderful veggies each week.  We're enjoying everything."

"Fabulous fresh veggies that you all are so skillfully nurturing....thanks you!!"

"Your vegetables are amazing"

"It was one of the highlights of our spring/summer!"