Village Center

The Village Center provides a setting for Floyd EcoVillage community functions, a location for economic initiatives that benefit the village residents, and a venue for serving the larger community. The Village Center is designed and constructed to exemplify green building and harmony with the environment. Functions to be included in the Village Center are as follows:

Community Meetings & Events: Fully equipped with wireless internet, tables, chairs, linens, a stage, sprung dance floor, state of the art sound systems, and all the accessories needed to run a conference or a host a wedding, the Village Center’s Celebration Hall will be a key component of outreached to the surrounding community. With a comfortable lounge area in the foyer that can be transformed into a space for booths or information tables and the stage in the Celebration Hall, meetings and events may range from large to small and find what they need to be a success.

Cooking and Dining: The Conversation Café and Community Kitchen have been designed to foster a comfortable sense of community and to be an economic resource for the EcoVillage. It includes a dining area that seats 50 people at tables; a fully equipped commercial kitchen that allows for multiple cooks at one time and can be used for catering as well as canning, freezing and other processing of food for sale; storage areas to support the needs of both the kitchen and dining area; and laundry for Village Center linens.

Educational Activities: As a focus of the EcoVillage, education will take many forms. From workshops hosted at the Village Center and facilitated by residents, local Floydians, and visitors from around the world to the alternative high school, Blue Mountain High School, focused on mindfulness education as well as normal academic skills. In support of these activities and in recognition of the importance of computer technology to the current world, a computer lab with up-to-the-date software and applications training is located in the school and will be accessible during non-academic hours.

Facility Rentals: Aside from EcoVillagers use, the Village Center will also rent out the Celebration Hall and other spaces for use by the larger community. The grounds and amphitheater may be perfect for wedding ceremony and reception areas; local caterers who need a commercial kitchen for occasional events may do their food preparation in commercial kitchen; and the Creekside Campground with 10 tent pads and bath house will be available for visitors to both the EcoVillage and Floyd in general.


Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” ― Rumi

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An Intentional Community and Event Center in Floyd Va